Ivory Herringbone Blanket Scarf


Woven in a traditional herringbone pattern, this gorgeous wool blanket scarf is the perfect accent to a neutral fall outfit. Ivory and taupe are the featured colors in this medium-weight fringed hemmed scarf. Sure to elevate any outfit, this scarf will add that extra pop to get you noticed, but also still out the door in no time.

Colors: Ivory & Taupe

100% wool

30” x 72”

Hand wash cold. Dry flat.

The oversized scale of this wrap offers a variety of simple and modern styling options:

  • Poncho: Simply drape the wrap over your shoulders and fold back the edges along the neckline and front to create a collar effect.
  • Over-the-shoulder: Drape the scarf over your shoulders leaving one end longer. Take the longer end and elegantly throw it over your shoulder. Instant Parisian chic.
  • Triangle: Throw the scarf around your shoulders leaving one end so that it hits you at waist level. Then take longer end and wrap across your front and tuck the top corner edge of the scarf into the shoulder edge. Adjust until you have a nice triangle point in front.
  • Neck Loop: Loop the wrap around the front of your neck. Pull the ends around front and tuck in the ends…or simply let them fall as they may for an effortless look.

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