Black & White Zig Zag Skinny Scarf


Made using the softest chiffon fabric, this ultra-long skinny scarf will add a pop of attitude to even your most basic outfits. There are a multitude of ways to put this fresh accessory to use. Browse through the product images and how to tips (listed below) for styling ideas.

80” long x 2” wide
100% Polyester chiffon
Black & White

Skinny Scarf Styling Tips:
Loose Bow: Unlike the Pilgrim bow, this one is a bit looser—where the ends are even more uneven. Tie your bow and pull the ends down a bit to ensure they're longer than the loops.

Wrap and Fold: Wrap your scarf around your neck and tie a knot a few inches down from your chin. Then, take one end and fold it over the other.

Wrap and Loop: Wrap your scarf tightly around your neck, take the ends, and create a loose loop about six inches down from your initial wrap.

Loose Ends: Hang straight from the neck…no need to get all tied up.

Hair Accessory: Wrap as a headband or tie off a ponytail with a low, loopy bow.